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Subscribe and you will find out about each of my tattoos 🧚🏼‍♂️
I am a bright Russian girl, my industry is fashion photo  and art. I was born in Moscow and love so much this city 💫 I miss 
Do you wanna know when I did my first tattoo?☺️🤭 
  Do you want me to guess your wishes?💋💥
  We can exchange messages, emotions and cheer each other up) my life, my experience and arts 🌊 
I dream of buying a good laptop to please you with high-quality and beautiful works and support me!💰🦄👛😊
My content is life day by day.  random shots that I pay attention to.  frames of my body.  how do i feel?  I study the plasticity of my body, its boundaries and feelings♥️
  I will delight you with my content, my smile and my tender nature 🍑💎