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Good day sexy! 

i'll will remain ur hidden sin. 
giggle, baby, journalist, 
makeup artist, volunteer,
 Barista, gaffer. multi functional girl =) 
I want to learn to play guitar,
 piano, learn English,
 need time and money. 
I love smart and tactful
people who firmly know boundaries
and permissiveness,
and know what they want, 
and do not offend other people. 
good luck and sunny day
in the soul and in the mind =* 
dont forget, Im your sin, 
dont come into my room,
you wont be able to calmly leave.
 I hate having accounts closed down on social media for my naughty posts so here is the workaround! Sign up to my private and DM me, send personal messages back and forth, and get to know me in the most intimate way. You'll love the close connection and the fun we'll have together! XOXO, MilaQue

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