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Hey you :) It's Luna.

I'm very happy that you came across me. Before I start telling you more about myself, let's get to you first.

One of my great passions is to fulfill your wishes, so you don't need to be shy. If you can't find what you're looking for here, just write to me. I haven't had that many sexual experiences yet, my ex-friends were very simple. That's why I'm up for everyone's fun and I'm happy about every fantasy and every wish :)

Now let's go!

I was born in the Hamburg area. I now live in the city, which I personally find nicer. I like the life around me, especially in the Schanzenviertel and of course the Elbe.

At that time I moved to Hamburg for my apprenticeship. As a tax clerk, I still work in the same law firm. But they don't know anything about my hobby. Should stay that way for now, I think they don't think that's sooooo good. What I can understand, they are quite well known, but you are not only an employee, you also want to be allowed to be yourself or how do you see it?

Because Hamburg's ass is expensive, I live with a good friend and sometimes also her boyfriend. On-off relationship, everything a bit difficult: D

But living in a shared apartment also has many advantages, at the weekend we always got ready together and then went out to party in the neighborhood.

One or the other time it was pretty wild, but I've never had sex outside of bed and I think we agree, that needs to be made up urgently! Have you tried other places and can you give me a few tips?

What I particularly like is 69, doggy style and my toys. But in general I also find sucking and licking very, very hot and I could also imagine having something with a woman or spoiling a cock with her :)

I'm just noticing how the desire comes up in me, oops, I think I've got a little horny: D

My desire is another thing that has been hard to tame for some time. You can't go out anymore and so ... Actually, I really like to flirt when I go to bars or clubs and yes, sometimes I take someone home with me;) Now that doesn't work anymore and I don't feel like using dating apps either , that's kind of stupid for me.

Partly that is the reason why I once registered here in this dirty community. I'm not going to say who really got me on it, that still remains a little secret, but believe me, it's not commonplace.

But I'll give you one tip: If my family finds out who brought me here and that they do it, they won't just disinherit me: D Have fun guessing, I think it's not that difficult anymore;)

So that you don't get bored now, I'll make a cut here.

I hope you like what you have seen so far and I wish you a wonderful day!

See you soon,

your Luna