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Hey Sweetheart! So glad you're here! If your looking for a down to earth hot headed bad ass you have came to the right place. I post every day no repost!! This is the only place you will find me in my every day life. so what are you waiting for! Hit that button below and let's get it going! 

                                               Here is a little about me-
🔷️I'm 5'-5"
🔷️I have blue/green eyes 
🔷️I have 13 tattoos & 13 piercings
🔷️I just finished up 2 years of college for carpentry so I am not a professional model but I will do my best to make your life filled with some redhead love. I am just a horny girl trying to hustle and pay off my school and put food on the table for my kids. So come see why my members spoil me an why you are going to wanna spoil me dont be worried I spoiled back put in a special request, if you please, can't make any promises but it never hurts to ask. 😉  Bey me something and see it on me on my Social Media account or see me use what I get. 
🔷️I love to be outside.
🔷️I love sex and I get a Rush with the thought of someone watching.
🔷️I love all pet. Hate spiders and only hold snakes if I see someone else holding it first. Haha not a sex joke.😆
🔷️My favorite colors: lime green and baby blue

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