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finally a private stories for janice griffith again - get pics sent right to you and spy on daily life 
- shower nudes and shows
- BTS from porno sets and live cam shows
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- takeovers from other models

plus chat directly with meeeeee!

* perks for private subs you can't find anywhere else:
- custom content offers (you can approach me asking for custom videos and pics)
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- dick pic ratings - ASK FIRST but this is the only place this offer is valid
- feel free to reach out to me to ask about things, all i ask is you stay respectful!

by signing up you agree to follow the rules:
- screenshots are ONLY for lifetime subs
- no dick pics without permission 
- no nude or lewd photos without permission
- don't ask me to do anything for free
- i can revoke your membership WITHOUT REFUND at any time if you are rude, disrespectful, hostile, or break any of the aforementioned rules.

if you don't want to get blocked, follow the rules and play nice!

by purchasing a subscription, you agree to these terms.