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I'm a PhD student in clinical🩺 psychology, aka HypnoGoddess Margo🌀

When I started studying psychology, I quickly realized that such knowledge of the mind can be used not only for good, but also for evil🔮 So, here I am, the greedy ruthless Domme you have been waiting for so long!⛓

My unique kind of mindfuck is to take you on a mesmerizing journey🪐 where the boundaries between fantasy and reality🪄 merge with unpredictable results🔒🗝

Once you are completely relaxed, your inhibitions will disappear, your shyness will disappear⌛️ Your vigilance will be relaxed, so that you will enjoy and experience things that you never dared to do before. You will not be ashamed or embarrassed by your desires, you will simply succumb and enjoy, and your subconscious will not interfere with this📄 Then I will use your foggy consciousness for my own good👁

Ready, put, subscribe!🌪

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