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Who I am? A true accessible hotwife!

Yes, it means you can subscribe, follow us, but as we are digital nomads, if we happen to be in your area, you may also fuck me for real...

Being dominated by a big cock and chocked (lightly) by muscular tattooed arms turns me on, I can't help it, it just turns me on... I mean, it TURNS ME ON BIG TIME! The more tattoos the better...

I love to feel a large cock becoming hard in my mouth as I try to put it all in, I am always dedicated to be a good girl. I want to leave a sticking memory ;)

Our couple dynamic is that I can play and experiment fun and new stuff, hotwife date, mmf, mmmf among other things so my very dominant husband can claim me back after, it really turn him on to watch me being fucked by other men. We are digital nomads travelling in our motorhome, so be ready to create a plan with me if I am in your neighborhood. Our location change very often.

We want to inspire you to explore what is possible like you do, sharing real stories, videos and thoughts on our new experiments. Follow us, it will be hot AF!

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