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Hey, guys! It's Dakota Marr! You may be here because you heard something about porn, or XXX content, or other cool shit. Maybe you just wanna show me your naughty side. Congratulations! You made it to the right place, my lovely person, you! My stories range from crazy and silly, to boring, to hot and orgasmic! So, treat yourself to random sexy (or whatever) pics and clips sent to both my story and directly to your phone every day! 

Enjoy exclusive content and **video chat priveleges while chatting with me to your merry heart's content. See something you want to save for later? Screenshot it! Wanna show me yourself jerking to my porn (a personal favorite)? Send me a video! Just about anything goes as long as it's legal and consensual! 

So, what's stopping you?

Are you ready to play?

(Please only send me pictures/videos of yourself.)

**Video Chat privilege is available to all premium subscribers ala carte for $65/15 min. or $100/30 min. Please schedule with me before tipping.

Also my birthday is November 25 not the 24…it won’t let me select the 25th lol

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