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Hi Everyone! I'm BlondeAdobo! A blonde with a big booty and an appetite for cock to match. This is my premium sexy stories! (avoiding the Ban Hammer) ;)

°Edit - Got the Ban Hammer 10 Times now already 😋
This is the only place to see my candid sexy fun. This includes all the things I wish I could post on social media! I love to be naughty and take some sexy risks and story allows me to share with you quick and easy and you can get it in real time at home, at the office, or even when you and your partner are watching me together ;p

Things you might see: (My booty, My Boobies, and My pussy obvi :) and....
1. Me flashing my tits and sucking cock on an amusement ride
2. Taking cock in a dressing room
3. Squirting everywhere in a public sauna
4. Me getting fucked in a tent and trying to stay quiet
5. Me wearing my favorite buttplug out in public.
6. and so much more... :D

I love video games, rеddit, sexy lingerie, 90's hiphop, oldies music, art, and recreating my favorite porn scenes. I'm mostly on rеddit, Instagram, and twittеr. (in that order...)

Join me and have my dirty content with you everyday, in your pocket.
Cum with me!

No Screenshotting of Saving in Chat: Leads to Autoban and Boot.

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