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Goddess Asteria Onyx
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Goddess Asteria Onyx

⛓🖤💫 Saccharinely Sadistic. 🏹💖 Ultra Bratty. Insatiable. Tease. ✨☁️ Multifaceted. Dynamic. ☁️✨ God tier. Angelic. Devilish ⚔️

I like to throw you a bone every now and then, something to wet your palate a little bit, like the begging mutt you are. A glimpse, every now and then, of choice enticing and glimmering moments of Mine spent lounging, teasing, edging, alongside various other antics I feel like letting you see…

Come, take a peek. Come only as and when I say, and of course, always aiming to please.

Stay a while. Get stuck in My Web. Fall hard. Fall harder. Become totally ensnared. Get fully entrapped, ever further entranced by Me. Join My treasure trove of shiny, obedient, kinky playthings. 
So, tell Me... No; Better yet... Show Me.
How first shall thou be eager and willing to serve Me?

You may address Me as Goddess or Goddexx Onyx. Approach, respectfully. 🕸🕷🖤

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