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New subscribers - Please do not purchase a subscription, as I am currently in the process of phasing out private stories. I am keeping my account active here in the meantime to wrap up loose ends!

I am not active as much as I'd like to be, and although I currently offer the lowest price possible, I don't want to be disappoint my subscribers. It's not cool!  If you are already subscribed, I will not be removing you if your subscription has lapsed. I will continue to post occasionally because I enjoy it!

Thank you for all your support, I love and appreciate you! 

(The no screenshot policy for private stories still stands, and I will block you if you break the rule! Thank you)**

Join for access to my private 👻 story! I love to satisfy the exhibitionist in me - I post almost every day and I love being able to share with you! 

•Solo play and generally just me being naked, playing, or dressing up
•Lots of sexy selfies
•CAT STORIES 😸 (It's okay if you're just here for Cosmo, I understand)
•My day to day silly self 

•🚫NO SCREENSHOTS/RECORDING🚫 You will be blocked!
•You MAY save stories in the chat ✔️ You MAY NOT save to camera roll ❌
•Don't be a jerk

*Important: Please make sure to submit a valid 👻 username when subscribing so I can add you promptly!

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