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I’m Mistress DuPage I love nice things & good little sub-missives. Giving Me All I Want,
Until They Cry For More. Then I take it all. Because that’s what makes this so fun. 
Twenty-Three w/ a body so curvy you could be turned to stone at the sight of my thighs 

I Have My Head In Clouds Constantly 🍃 💨
Rain Is My Favorite weather condition 
My ass could warm your ears way better this season than ear muffs so why don’t you take a look between them? 
If you thought you really have seen all of me? just wait till you get added to my private account! You'll love every.
Live Stories of all the personal & private stuff I shall be sharing.
The stories are only there for 24 hours, so every day you delay is great & a missed opportunity to get so much more of me!