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Hello guys ヽ(*・ω・)ノ 

We do not have enough freedom on Instagram, so we will publish most of our intimate photos in other social networks networks. By subscribing to us, you help us make our content better (◕‿◕) we move most of our content to Social Media account. Add us !! it's free! as a way to contact us!
There is only one rule: There are no screenshots or video saving 🌸

  Includes full uncensored  
*cosplay shows 
*masturbation shows  
*photo sets  
    Come join so we can have some fun.   RULES: There are NO SCREENSHOTS allowed! IF YOU SCREENSHOT MY SHOWS YOU WILL GET DELETED/BLOCKED WITHOUT REFUND. This protects myself, and my fans. Every time you screenshot or save a photo/clip of me that gives someone else the opportunity to impersonate me and take advantage of my fans and followers. There will not be warnings, if you screenshot, you're gone. Thank you for understanding.