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✧・゚: *✧・゚:* SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNT LAUNCH: TBA *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Social Media account just doesn't hit the same when it's not explicit and you can't see my sexy-cute face - so, uh? What're you waiting for?

I'm 20 — a sweet-faced, foul-mouthed, pierced, sometimes-preppy-sometimes-alt queer switch, with a thing for turning cute people into my personal pets. I've got an ever-growing collection of toys, lingerie and fantasies I'm always dying to try out/on, and when you subscribe, you'll get completely uncensored access to seeing me do a ton of it - on cam - just for you.

Member privileges?

♡ Get chatty with me,
♡ Drop a request for your own personal fetish / kink fest,
♡ or just ask me about my day, share yours, nerd out with me over, y'know, nerd shit?
♡ Unlike my free + public content, my private / private work will have my face in it, for either some or the entirety of video / photoset !

I've got a massive personality, no tolerance for disrespect - plus, I'm real relaxed, creative, and get philosophical / horny / cute s u p e r quick, so ...

What will I be posting?

♡ Lingerie try-ons,
♡ Sex toy unboxings/try-outs,
♡ Pet play,
♡ ~ Taboo ~ roleplay,
♡ Assorted BDSM shenanigans (solo and with others!),
♡ Strip teasing,
♡ Anal play and training (still waiting on the perfect dick to take my butt virginity... nobody's been worthy, YET), 
♡ Me being the shameless size king I was born to be
♡ Public play
♡ Solo cum shows ...
♡ Behind the scenes content and outtakes
♡ ... and much more, as I explore my kinks and rack up my slut-periences!

Once I'm fully up and running, I'll add on a cheaper viewership tier for my quieter, voyeurism-focused viewers.

Other options?

♡ My public Story - free to add, and you'll get lovely little censored doses of Doe
♡ Sub to my Feed on here
♡ Message me to buy pre-made and custom content, or you can head over to AP and MV (links below) to buy it there
♡ Send your adoration / devotion / horny energy in the form of tips to my CashApp —
$petitange !