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Drusifa from New Orleans

Hi I'm Dru/Andrew I'm 33, straight, from New Orleans  l.a.
( I have a strong New Orleans accent.) libra, Chinese  zodiac dragon, describes my personality perfectly!!!
Blonde/dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, Two piercing in each ear. One tattoo on left hand broken rosary.
Athletic build/average, I look good but I can always look better, some gym time will do me good.
(If inquiring pics I dont have professional pics  but will gladly send wats needed) Lmfao.
I stripped a few years for different clubs in new Orleans. If you've ever been to New Orleans and have been out on bourbon you might be familiar with the rainbow room it's a unisex strip club on bourbon  And other strip club off of bourbon.
I'm straight but not shy.
I'v Been in group parties, threesomes with two girls and me, or threesomes where it was me and another guy and a woman.
Sometimes would do private shows at a swingers clubs
I've never done porn/adult films.
only liveing once why not go all out, have fun, enjoy life spread love rough or gentle.
Loveing entertainment.
Figured after so many people telling me to look into porn and/or do adult films, I'd try. This has gotta be the best start.
currently living in Shreveport l.a.
single Male, spartan cut, blessed by, gods above. Angelic worrier sent to spread love. I'm open for almost  anything but male on male. Other than that count me in.

Im New to this so suggestion are highly valuable. 
Well enough said it's time to have fun!!!
My Turn ons  are
blondes/brunette milfs.
big butts and twerking,
doggy style is my choice of dinner and exercise.
The female body its self is just captivating.
Any questions message me
Any help is appreciated