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Hey, I'm Billy...Former Royal Marine Commando and Pirate Scarer.
Now Afgan contractor, Pornstar, Traveller, model, film extra (In Game of Thrones S6 for 1 second...see if you can find me), pro cuddler...cosplayer... and tonnes more. 

Total nutter, I live a very different life to most.
London is kinda my spiritual home..full off lots of kinky friends, LA is day becoming regular haunt.
I also travel all over the globe visiting mates and having adventures.

I may be in your area for a week or two.... I know not long...but plenty of time to have tonnes of fun never to forget band, Cirque show, hiking, freefall, snowboarding? 

I'd rather get a hostel than a some really cool people and then spend more money on seeing more sights/shows.

I enjoy TEA, adventure, travel, gym, extreme sports, pole dancing, MMA/BJJ, geeking out, cuddling...

I'm 200% straight but not narrow (minded).
I'm FULLY supportive of ALL LGBTQ & women's rights... we're all just human beings trying to be as happy as we possibly can during our short existence.
But I'd only be up for sexual fun with CIS Women... happy to be friends with anyone else though... don't want to waste anyone's time xx

What I'm doing with my life:
Work 2 months in Afghan (below) then have 2 months off (and repeat)..Porn, travelling, adventure & partying in my time off...hard life!

Was converting a van to camper...until some prick stole it 😭
I'm really good at:
Making Tea, Physical stuff.... sports, martial arts etc,

My golden rule:
Life's short... then you die...LIVE it...LOVE it!